Thursday, 5 March 2015

Flying Snake

I took today's photos quite some time ago. They're the only ones I have of this fascinating snake species.

A Golden Tree Snake

The Golden Tree Snake is one of just a handful of snakes in our area that are commonly referred to as "Flying Snakes". In reality they don't truly fly but they are able to flatten their bodies, launch themselves from high tree branches, and then glide. I've only ever seen videos of them gliding. When they do so they make slow-motion, wriggling-slithering type mid-air movements. They look deeply sinister and eerie during flight.

Golden Tree Snakes can grow to about 1.3 metres long. The one featured in today's post is roughly half that length. We spotted it through an airbrick in a garden wall on a busy street near our former home. It resided in a bush behind that wall for several days.

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