Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Black Drongo

♫ Whilst banging upon my bongo,
I did espy this rather cute Drongo.... ♫

Black Drongo
- definitely a Drongo – probably a "Black" Drongo

The photo appears to show a silhouette image rather than a true image of the bird. This is because the Black Drongo is very black, and also because it had positioned itself between the ground and the sky, the bright sky backdrop making it look even darker than it actually is. I've noticed that many birds regularly position themselves between the ground and the sky despite such behaviour being so very photographer unfriendly. That's nature for yer....

The photo was taken in our garden. The Drongo is seen perched on a very old banana plant leaf.

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Indo-Chinese Rat Snake

This is a good snake:

Indo-Chinese Rat Snake

The Indo-Chinese Rat Snake is not venomous, is timid and discreet, is a pest and vermin control expert, is also elegant and dignified, and has the most beautiful large rounded eyes that you have ever seen..... maybe. This particular specimen has inhabited our garden for at least a month. It keeps itself to itself, it keeps out of our way, and it does its job. We don't disturb it. Every serious gardener should have one of these.

"Our" snake is about a metre and a half long. Indo-Chinese Rat Snakes grow to about two and a half metres.

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Saturday, 20 December 2014

Black-collared Starling

This little darling
Is a Black-collared Starling
Shot* with considerable persistence
From really quite some distance.

Black-collared Starling

* "Shot" on film only, in our garden, from our shed.

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Friday, 19 December 2014

Garden Fence Lizard

This lizard was living up to its name. We discovered it in our garden, on our fence. We see a lot of these Garden Fence Lizards but it's often difficult to approach close enough to them to take a decent photo. They run away at unbelievable speed.

Garden Fence Lizard

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